Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Slight delays but still here.

 Laptop and camera issues.

 As the title says i am still here i have just been having a little delays, my laptop and digital camera have both been playing up. So as soon as they are fixed I will be able to post on a more frequent basis. 

Upcoming posts:

The new and improved Bushido rules have been released under the guise of Bushido: New Dawn on the 16th of September this year.

Bushido New Dawn here

I have had a quick look at the rules and I'm looking forward to having a game with them. The rules seem a lot more streamline and the close combat is a much more deadly affair.

I hope to post up a battle report with the new rules soon, i have already begun work on painting up my Cult of Yurei force.

On the 40k front i have finally finished my imperial guard cityfight army to 1500pts which i plan to get more pictures of. 

Three Imperial guard servitors

Now that my Guard are finished i am now going to take a dive into the realm of 40k chaos with a Death guard army. At this point i dont have the new Chaos space marine codex, so i haven't yet started on writing my army list but i dare say with will include most of the dark vengeance set.

The first squad of Chaos space marine from the Death Guard legion that i did a few years ago when i started the project.

upcoming events:
        The Angus Wargames Club
A Miniature Wargames Exhibition
Saturday 20th October

The skelp event is here on Facebook

There will be a Urban war  Team tourney on the 25th of November this year which i will be taking part in using my Koralon. Me and my team mate haven't worked out our 250pt lists yet, but you can be sure its going to be brutal. This event is the first urban war event that i have actually played in, as the other events i organised but never had the chance to play.

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