Sunday, 11 December 2011

Koralon Warp Portals - Urban war

Koralon Warp Portals

With my Koralon force containing a Phazon and Warp portals essential. I am going to take you through how i made my own simple and easy to make warp portals.

Template: i used the Template from the download section of the urban war website here
The warp portal are the green circles at the top

Once i had cut them out i put them on a 30mm lip base, as you can see it fits perfect in the centre.

so now we know its the correct size, time for the modelling of the portal

To begin i covered the centre part of the base in a layer of GW green stuff its best to make this not too thin as it needs to be sculpted slightly.

Green stuff on base

The next stage is to create swirling pattern (it doesn't have to be swirls, but i like the idea of this effect)
I used a sculpting tool and made cut circles on the GS (Green Stuff), its better if some of the lines overlap.
when i made mine i pushed some of the edges up where i cut into the GS, so it has some raised areas

Swirling effect in GS

Painting the Warp portals

I started off with a black basecoat.

Chaos black

First coat of Dark Angels green

The next stage i layered on snot green and adding skull white for subsequent highlights to a pure white edges.

highlighted to white

  I then added a glaze of yellow ink

Yellow glazed

Then the edges highlighted back up to skull white

Final Warp Portals

So that's how to make simple but effective Warp Portals

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