Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Malifaux - Outcasts

Malifaux - Outcasts

This week i have been painting up my other Malifaux crew, yet again placing my 40K Orks on hold.
As it was only five miniatures i didn't feel too bad.

The colours schemes  i used where just the ones in the artwork and on the back of the box, so i didn't break new ground in that aspect.

now i should make a note to you, that these pictures where taken on a blackberry, as my camera is having issues. As a result the picture quality isn't as good as i would of liked. 

in order of completion :

Bishop (Pit fighter)

Steam fitter Johan

Taelor ( Relic hammer enthusiast)



The Outcasts, and a better picture too


  1. Nice paintjobs!
    I really should get into Malifaux soon...once I finish off my 40K stuff...

  2. Thank you for your commentss