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Operation Darkfrost - Deathwatch RPG mission

Operation Darkfrost - Deathwatch RPG mission

Overview: This is a mission that could be run as a single session or the start of a campaign.

Location: Minophix sector within the ultima segmentum, upon the ice world of Silvoon III, its major city Gardia city.
Mission briefing: Captain Horsten is in command of the defence of Swanton bridge, the last of only three that cross the Jakobyte river that runs through the city.The defences of imperial guard, the Gardia 48th are holding against swarm after swarm of guants. The bridge must hold to mount a proper counter attack and re-take the city by the space marines of the Raptor chapter. however time is running out, the re-enforcements haven't arrived and larger creatures have been spotted upon the over side of the bridge. The Deathwatch commander has dispatched your squad to secure the bridge, it cannot be overrun or destroyed.

Requisition points per marine for mission : 20 points each

Primary: Secure the eastern side of the bridge
Secondary: Eliminate all synapse creatures
Tertiary: Clear bridge for imperial guard advance

The Tyranid hordes
Hormaguants (30) first wave
Gargoyles (20)
Hormaguants (30) second wave
(With three tyranid warriors (2 basic 1 prime))

Experience points
Primary objective achieved - 500xp
Secondary objective achieved: 200xp
Tertiary objective achieved: 100xp
Leader bonus if successful in primary objective: 100xp
"Marine of the mission" : 100xp

" I ran this mission for the first time just last week. i gave the kill team of six marine kill team thirty requisition points each (180 for the total team). which may have been too much. They managed to buy enough special ammunition for the mission (I did give them ammo for the mission instead of the one clip it was supposed to be) and the devastator in the kill-team also managed to get a Missile launcher with Frag and krak missiles. I should also note that i hadn't used the updated errata so bolters were able to go full auto to devastating effect. so if anybody has used this mission with the errata in mind,any feedback on how the mission worked would be appreciated"


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