Friday, 28 October 2011

Orks - Warhammer 40'000

Orks - Warhammer 40'000

Now progress on my Warhammer 40'000 Ork force has been slow but i can assure you, progress is being made.

Here is my 1000 point list:

                      Ork Warboss

                      Ork Weirdboy

                       5 Ork Nobz

                       19 Ork boyz and Nob (The Footsloggaz)

                          11 Ork boyz and Nob  on a Trukk (Trukkboyz)
                       10 Grotz and Runtherd

Fast attack:
                       4 Stormboyz and Nob  (Thundaboyz)

                       3 Deffkoptaz 
Heavy support:

                            Deff Dread

As you can see i am going for the hammer and anvil approach, anvil being the Footslogga Boyz, Nobz, Deff dread and Warboss and the hammer is the faster elements such as the Trukkboyz, Stormboyz and Deffkoptaz.

I'm looking forward to paying with them 'lotz' when they are all painted.

and on to the pictures of my progress

Trukk boyz

One of the Trukk boyz


Part of the Footsloggaz mob

Footslogga boy

Footslogga boy

Ork Nobz

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  1. Thats looking really nice mate! I'd love to give you a game sometime!

  2. Hey, you fancy using some of them for a wee side project of Gorkamorka. Walla and I both have/working on mobz

  3. Sounds good funky Orkyness, Gorka's all the way