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Messengers Deathwatch RPG

Messengers - Deathwatch RPG


This chapter was created using the make your own chapter rules in the Deathwatch supplement rites of battle.
Occultus sub alis
Tenebrae vultis celare
Signifer turpis vera

Chapter background:
The chapter originate from the semi-arid world of Predetoria, Its Fortress monastery is deep in the scorching desert, The Chapters holdings was built to last in the dangerous and punishing sandstorms, hardy on the surface, but deep under the earth the chapters facilities are extensive.

The native population are robust to deal with the harsh desert conditions, living in small nomadic societies. Even with the coming of the Imperium many thousands of years ago. only recently have cities emerged on its barren surface.

In terms of history it is a young chapter, founded in the 39th millennium. The chapter Gene seed traced to it's progenitor, Robute Gulliman of the Ultramarines.
It's a chapter that excels run and gun tactics, closing in on the enemy before it has a chance to react. Their armour is a light grey and white shoulder pads with black rims.
 The chapter symbol is a black raven on a grey tombstone upon a background of white.

 The deep bonds of brotherhood within the chapter is stronger than most.
It was in the Takara sector that they suffered a their worst and most crushing defeat in the Elros campaign against the Chaos Warband, The Decayed souls in which the Messengers chapter master Jastilus Quintos was killed in action
Figure of legend-  Borith Dugthon 7th company captain fought and killed the Daemon prince of Chaos Zharrt laaht during the fated Elros conflict.

Due to the unrecoverable battle loses suffered, the chapter was approved to become fleet based with its remaining numbers, authorised by Inquisitor Callidon (Imperial year 800 M40), the  chapters facilities where stripped down as they left the planet, leaving only bare bones of its facilities.

Over the years the few population soon forgot that the chapter ever existed upon the planet, only by chance did the visionary Lazerus Vi Nadic stumble across the ruins of the fortress monastery and the secrets that lay beneath the surface of the baking desert.

Battle Cry : "In the shelter of night , we renew our strength!"

Rules for using your own Messenger marine in your kill teams
 Founded in the 39th millennium - Progenitor - Ultramarines
Gene stock purity - Pure (rites of battle, page 17)

Chapter Flaw - None
No Gene seed mutation recorded
Stat increases +5 WS +5 Fel
Home world -Temperate- stewardship, later became fleet based
Standard codex chapter organisation

Combat doctrine  - Codex combat doctrine
Solo mode abilities - codex chapter (follows ultramarines solo mode abilities) (rites of battle p32)
Attack squad mode ability -Oath of vengeance (rites of battle p33)
Defensive squad mode ability -Swift advance (rites of battle p33)
Chapter beliefs - Honour the ancestors
Chapter status - Endangered
Chapter friends - Imperial Navy
Chapter enemies - Chaos Warband, The Decayed souls
Chapter Advance table - Honour thy wargear (rites of battle p.42)

1. Fleet service- The space marine served upon the battle barge Somber Morning, and has fought many battles amongst the stars.
2. Strike force-  The space marine took part in the assault force Greywing  as a landspeeder gunner on the Tamech crusade against the ork waaagh Gorklaw.
3. Remnant - The space marine was one of only a handful of survivors of the fated Elros campaign, and was there to witness the Inquisitorial decree to abandon its homeworld and join the imperial fleet.
4.Destruction - The space marine was involved in the destruction of the Genestealer infested space hulk Heavy Woe.
5. Scout Sergent - The space marine had the honour to have led a Scout squad. Mentoring the last few Scouts known to the chapter.

Messengers psychic powers:
Name - Xp cost - Prerequisites - Source
Tomb marked (Mark of Scorn) - 500    -  Core rulebook page 199
Ancestors rage - 500 - Core rulebook page 199
Force barrier  - 1500 WP40+ - Core rulebook page 197
Inspiring word - 1000  - Core rulebook page 200
Wings of the raven (wings of Sanguinius)  -  2000 WP50+ ,Rank 5 - Core rulebook page 196

Chapter Trappings:

Studded Gauntlets +3 on WS on first attack per combat 
         Crow marked Gauntlets- +3 on Drive or Pilot tests

       Inscribed Gauntlets - +3 on Fellowship tests

Raven Tabard -
Re-roll first failed squad cohesion test, +1 to squad cohesion when marine is squad leader

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