Saturday, 8 October 2011

Table building for Skelp

Table building for Skelp

For skelp this year i decided i wanted to play bigger games of urban war.
 so i started work on creating a 4' x 4' (48"x48") table to play with four starter strike teams on the table.
unfortunately the insulation foam i got  was shorter than i had hoped, leaving me a table that is 40"x47" but its still usable for play.
I began by slicing up insulation foam into equal pieces.

 A few corner hills made from leftover bits

Mixing some modeling sand and black poster paint to give a textured effect, i used a roller to apply it to the board sections and the hills.

Once i had them painted black and dried, i gently dusted them with white spray paint ( please make sure this is done outdoors or in a well ventilated area.)

Close up of dusted board

This has given me the nice urban wasteland look i was hoping for.

 A corner hill using the same techniques

Once it had all dried i applied patches of "scorched earth" static grass to the hills and the board sections

The completed table with terrain.

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