Saturday, 8 October 2011

Skelp 2011

Skelp 2011

This year is the second year I've attended Skelp, last year Urban war was very successful with just a small circular gaming table, so for this year i would up my game with a larger table and have four strike teams on the table.

The table was built in a week, and you can see how that went here

We arrived just after 9am and the table didn't take long to set up and we where given a table spot on the main stage.  The Angus Wargames Club did a great good getting everything organised.

Urban War table

Here are some other great tables at this years gaming event.

The great escape

The event seemed quieter than last year. but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I know i was kept busy running games, so i never got the chance to pay any other other games on display.

Well that's Skelp 2011 over, next Skirmish Livingston.

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