Friday, 14 October 2011

Dreadfleet -Opening salvo

 Opening salvo

Dreadfleet the game of "Pirate battles on the Warhammer high seas"

The ships were pretty simple to build, the mast and sails of the Flaming Scimitar were pretty flimsy. I haven't attached the main sails for most ships as it'll be easier to paint then attach later.

I had my first game of this just a few days ago, I played the Grand alliance. We never played a mission just went for a straight fight to the last ship afloat.

Epic Combat between two Cogs

Unfortunately for us the Seascape was just a little to big for the table so we had to play on the floor, the terrain of the Galleon's Graveyard is very nice and cant wait to paint it up and play with fully painted fleets. The Seascape mat is very much needed to play for the wind direction. but who wouldn't use it, its lovely.
 Beginning of the game started well with the Seadrake causing a headache on the Dreadfleet and setting the Skabrus ablaze with some fated incendiary shot, before it was sunk itself with warpstone tinged return fire. Revenge was had by the Seadrake's Dragon Auxiliary sinking the Skabrus.

It isn't a quick game, this battle lasted about five hours to play with the dreadfleet coming out on top. having only the Bloody Reaver left.

Looking forward to getting my revenge or playing the Dreadfleet itself.

On the painting side all i have completed is the two cog ships shown above. i've started Grimnir's Thunder and its auxiliary. Next will be the Tomb king ship Curse of Zandri. the miniatures are fantastic my personal Favourite is the Black Kraken, although it does remind me of the Transformers animated movie.

Well thats all for now

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