Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Livingston Skirmish 2011

Livingston Skirmish 2011

Livingston Battleground wargaming club along with Worlds at war ran an all day gaming event, in aid of ERSKINE, a charity that has provided nursing and medical care for former members of our Armed Forces through two world wars and the more recent conflicts . Re-building shattered lives, restoring dignity and providing first class care to ex-Service men and women both young and old.

On the day there was a both Flames of War and a Warmachine tournament plus Painting Competitions  Demonstrations from other Clubs.

More on the Warmachine/Hordes tournament here and here 

The first demo game is City of Prosperity.

a Malifaux demo game

Cult of December Arcanists led by Rasputina

 a Demo game of Battlefleet Gothic
Imperial fleet versus a Chaos Armada

Imperial Battleships

Part of the Chaos armada

Our Urban War four-way game


Warfleet Oceana is a Naval game created by the club itself.
I've seen this game at a few events but i still haven't yet had the chance to play it.

A few more of the other gaming tables

It was a busy day and i never got the chance to play any of the other Demo games, which is a shame.

I would recommend anyone else to attend next year, I myself have booked to come along next year. a truly great event.
I'd like to thank everyone at the Livingston Battleground wargaming club , making everyone feel welcome created a great day.

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