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Dark Heresy - Vi Nadic Code

Roleplaying Campaign

Before we begin i would like to introduce the cast:

Inquisitorial cell:

Kar, Feral World Guardsman
Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive World Scum
Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World Scum
Zetkin, Void Born Psyker
Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial World Arbitrator
Novus Dorn, Imperial World Tech priest

Episode one- Vi Nadic Code 
Part one

Deep in the Galdel Sector on the arid imperial planet of Predetoria  one of Inquisitors contacts is murdered in the residential sector of the city of Volsung trying to get information off world to the Inquisitor Margallus. Contact attempted to arrange a meeting, but inquisitor lost contact.
Upon investigation of contact Thrakroth, a piece of paper with a symbol roughly drawn was discovered in his pocket.

Contacts body was discovered in the lower regions of the city the few witnesses that would talk  to Soloman "Cutter" Garvel, Hive world Scum and Krell "Stern" Rabalias, Hive World scum describe robed and hooded figures that night of the murder, (some with Sandtigers on chains, others riding rock turtles, most of these claims are false)

Zetkin, Void born psyker and Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator went to the Vi Nadic Cathedral. They introduced themselves to the senior priest Ravion , after talking briefly they learn that only a few sectors away an Ork Waaagh has already devastated the Rintrah systems.  The adeptus sororitas from the order of the crimson tear in the next city have been coming unarmoured and robed to the famed Vi Nadic Cathedral to pray to the god emperor
Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest, along with requests for extra wargear sent the image to processing through the archive the process took a couple of hours- ]

Result -Messengers-Adeptus astartes chapter symbol, this planet was once the home world.


Messengers-Adeptus astartes chapter symbol, this planet was once the homeworld. Founded in the 39th millennium. The chapter Gene seed traced to its progenitor, Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines.

It was a chapter that excels in run and gun tactics, closing in on the enemy before it has a chance to react. Their armour is a light grey and white shoulder pads with black rims.

The chapter symbol is a black raven on a grey tombstone upon a background of white.

It has been noted that the deep bonds of brotherhood within the chapter is stronger than most.

It was in the Takara sector that they suffered a their worst and most crushing defeat in the Elros campaign against the Chaos Warband, The Decayed souls in which the Messengers chapter master Jastilus Quintos was killed in action (Imperial year  782 M40)

Figure of legend- Borith Dugthon 7th company captain fought and killed the Daemon prince of Chaos known as **classified** during the fated Elros conflict.

Due to the unrecoverable battle loses suffered, the chapter was approved to become fleet based with its remaining numbers, authorised by Inquisitor Callidon (Imperial year  783 M40)

Inquisitor Thaddis Margallus

++End Transmission++

After the tech priest passed on this information,  a message came through to each of them.

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Brutis Callidon

Declared Excommunicate Traitoris - 788 M40

Located and captured in the Triarus sector

Executed by Inquisitor Lord Gram Imazzi 789 M40

All other data Classified - ALPHA level

Inquisitor Thaddis Margallus

++End Transmission++

After a quick debriefing with each other, it was discovered that the Inquisitors contact spent a number of days in the residential area, and even managed to fins his alternate address.

Zetkin and Nihilus went to investigate the address visiting the Vi Nadic cathedral on the way.
 While Stern and Cutter went to visit the local area and speak to people at bars about the contacts murder.One of the barkeeps known as Boris seems shifty and mentions that the abandoned shrines have been busier than usual.

Novus Dorn, Imperial world Tech priest went back to the Mechanicus Chambers.
 Zetkin, Void born psyker and Nihilus Zarkov, Imperial world Arbitrator went back to the Vi Nadic Cathedral to ask about its origins. Senior priest Ravion tells the legend of the visionary Lazerus Vi Nadic

Lazerus Vi Nadic was a simple missionary travelling through the arid desert of Predetoria, when the sun was high the god emperor came to him in a vision as a great blinding light, it spoke to him, soon building began. The city  of Volsung was built up around the Cathedral. Vi Nadic died a year after its completion, his remains are locked in sacred chambers within the cathedral itself. 

At the Vi nadic Cathedral, Senior Priest denies knowledge of murder or messengers. If asked will direct them to the ruined shrine known as the Room of Brothers,

  1. Lazerus Spaceport
  2. Vi nadic cathedral
  3. Room full of brothers
  4. Inquisition and Administratum offices 
  5. Lord Ceasare Remirez's residence
  6. Residential sector (Trakroth body discovered here)
  7. Industrial sector
  8. Mechanicus Chambers
  9. Bastion wall

The Alternate address
The Arbites and the Psyker where the first to arrive at the address, to find the door burst open and the small messy flat completely ransacked.
 His next door neighbour in the habitation block seen fully armoured Adeptus Arbites break in and search the place, he couldn't see there faces due to the Adeptus Arbites wearing all armoured masks.

After a quick vox to all of the inquisitorial cell, they decided all to meet at the Shrine known at the Room of brothers

 Scum ambush
Outside room of brothers
Mudskipper- Dreg x1 (Dark Heresy rulebook p.338) with added poor quality stub revolver
Hack -Heavy x1 (Dark Heresy rulebook p.341)
Dice, Duke and Moth - Scum x3 (Dark Heresy rulebook p.344 )

A sound of chugging metal coming from up ahead, Cutter took the initiative and ran behind cover as the ambushers emerged between the party and the ancient Shrine. the wretched mudskipper ran forward and took a shot at Stern who was out in front,only to have his revolver give an unhealthy click. the other ambushers took shots at the party but none hit their mark. stern then returned fire at the bewildered dreg leaving him on the floor still alive but bleeding from the chest. Zarkov fired off a shot but failed to hit. Novus Dorn aimed with machine efficiency and fired at the chainsword wielder, knocking him to the floor with a hideous wound to the head, the brute roared in pain before getting back to his feet. Zetkin the Void born psyker started chanting.Cutter continued his run through the ruined factories that flanked the road leading to the shrine. The grim ambushers shot back one hitting the tech priest, leaving him disorientated. After taking another missed shot the Arbite unhooked his club. The Psyker took a shot with unerring accuracy and took the scum Duke down with a clean shot in the head, then the other. when the brute with the chainsword approached Zarkov charged in his club bouncing off the brutes arm, he had to act fast to duck under a swing from a chainsword that was aimed for his head. In the background he could hear Novus's vox caster demanding the surrender of weapons to the ambushers, followed by a gunshot. stern charged in to help the Arbite, aiming a crucial blow at the brutes leg. Zarhov on the counter strike  smashed his club into the brutes chest cracking his ribs with an audible noise.Cutter still had his pistols aimed at the calm thug.he shouted him to put down his guns but he didn't. It wasn't till he was completely surrounded that he finally threw down his pistol.

 After a swift interrogation , it was found that he was sent by Boris from the bar but he only expected two people to arrive here.

without a further word, the arbite ended the scum known as dice's life

Inside room of brothers

Room full of brothers is a small circular temple.
Its main door is dirty and doesn’t appear too have been opened for a long time.
A Int test to open  +20 int was opened easily by the tech priest

Inside it was darkness, the tech priest tried his newly acquired night vision goggles. determined that the shrine was empty. when he walked in the illumination came on.
Inside it has a smooth black marble floor and in the centre a mosaic of ancient Terra,
Circling the room the loyal primarchs statues stand tall in great plinths.
From left to right
1.       Lion El' Johnson
2.       Jaghatai Khan
3.       Leman Russ
4.       Rogal Dorn
5.       Sanguinius
6.       Ferrus Manus
7.       Roboute Guilliman
8.       Vulkan
9.       Corax
Behind Guillimans statue a keypad with twenty imperial gothic numerals, numbers 2 and 11 are scored out.
when they tried to leave the doors closed with a heavy thud and a whirr as it locked.

++++++++++++++End of part one ++++++++

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